Plants are an important part of a freshwater fish tank as they offer cover from predators, shade from too much light, and a place to root from. Freshwater fish tank plants also provide significant benefits for the fish themselves. Plants provide shelter and food for the fish and adding plants to a freshwater tank can help increase the quality of life for the fish and reduce stress levels as they offer the fish a sense of security.

Figuring out how to keep your fish tank healthy can be a difficult task. But getting to know the basics and benefits of plants can help. There are two types of plants that freshwater fish tanks benefit from. The first type of plant is the rooted plant. The rooted plant benefits the tank because when they break down, they produce carbon dioxide, which is essential for fish growth. The second type of plant is the floating plant. Floating plants benefit the tank because when they break down, they produce oxygen, which fish need to survive.

One of the most common mistakes for freshwater fish tank owners is not including plants in their tank. They mistakenly think that plants will decrease water quality or increase ammonia levels. In reality, plants use nitrates from the water, which keeps the water quality from deteriorating and increases the oxygen that’s available for the fish to breathe. They also decrease levels of ammonia, and other toxic substances. Some plants, like Anubias and Java Fern, even consume small amounts of ammonia and nitrates. This is great for new shrimp and other invertebrates. The plants should be ignored by the fish because they aren’t as tasty as other food sources.

The benefits for adding plants to a freshwater fish tank include the following:

  • Plants also help to soften the light and create space for your fish
  • Plants will help to aerate the water, as they release oxygen dioxide
  • Plants will also help to filter the water, as they consume the nutrients in the water
  • And finally, plants will create a natural habitat for the fish

An aquarium is a great investment for any household. If you are a fish owner, then you understand the importance of having a properly maintained fish tank. There is no better way to increase the sustainability of your tank then by adding plants! Contact us today to learn more about the rewards of creating an aquatic environment through the addition of freshwater aquarium plants.