High-quality frozen and live freshwater fish foods

When it comes to feeding fish, we have your options covered. There are hundreds of species of aquarium fish, each with their own unique nutritional needs. We are experts and understand the types of diets required by the most popular aquarium fish including, koi, goldfish, bettas and guppies.

Adding the right nutrition is essential for the longevity of your freshwater aquarium fish. A wide selection of sizes, shapes and quality foods are available. Come on down and take advantage of years of experience and ask any questions you may have and browse our best quality products to add variety and nutrition to your freshwater aquarium.

Our high-quality frozen and live foods include mice worms and crickets. We are your one-stop online shop for all of your freshwater fish food needs. We have a variety of frozen, freeze dried, and live feeder fish food options. We also carry a wide variety of unique aquarium items for your freshwater fish needs.

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Looking for aquatic inspiration? Look no further, The Fish World is the store for you! We have a wide variety of different fish species, healthy tanks to put the fish in, light to make their environment magical, food to keep them healthy, and all of the necessary supplies to take care of them.

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