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The Fish World provides a fun, safe, and clean atmosphere, to find everything needed for your aquarium. We offer an impressive selection of colorful and unique freshwater fish species, supplies, filtration systems, lighting, food, medicines, tanks, stands and everything that an aquarist would need! Remember, it’s all about the fish! If you’re new to keeping fish, our expert staff will gladly teach you all the basics you need to get started.

It’s a great day in the Fish World. Where you don’t feel intimidated to come ask questions and receive great advice, come in and visit us today!

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When it comes to feeding fish, we have your options covered. There are hundreds of species of aquarium fish, each with their own unique nutritional needs. We are experts and understand the types of diets required by the most popular aquarium fish including, koi, goldfish, bettas and guppies. … LEARN MORE!

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Looking for aquatic inspiration? Look no further, The Fish World is the store for you! We have a wide variety of different fish species, healthy tanks to put the fish in, light to make their environment magical, food to keep them healthy, and all of the necessary supplies to take care of them.

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